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University of Pittsburgh    
  Mar 17, 2018
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Actuarial Mathematics, BS

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Students wishing to pursue a major in Actuarial Mathematics must complete both MATH 0220  and MATH 0230  or their equivalents with a letter grade of C or better before declaring actuarial mathematics as their major. Students will be required to take 63 credits, of which 46 will be in Mathematics and Statistics. Specific requirements are:

Linear algebra:

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Other Requirements and Recommendations

  • Before declaring this major, students must complete MATH 0230 - ANALYTIC GEOMETRY AND CALCULUS 2  or MATH 0235 - HONORS 1 - VARIABLE CALCULUS  , or their equivalents, with a letter grade of C or better. Additionally, Students must complete MATH 0470 - ACTUARIAL MATHEMATICS 1  with a letter grade of B or better to declare this major.
  • A letter grade of C or higher is necessary in all courses required for the major.
  • No course that counts toward the major can be taken on the Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC) basis.
  • Students must complete at least one writing-intensive course (W-course) in the major. MATH 1110 - INDUSTRIAL MATHEMATICS  is a W-course option for this major.
  • The required courses include nine credits of statistics courses and nine to 12 credits of economics courses. Majors can fulfill the related area requirement by taking an additional statistics or economics course to achieve a total of 12 credits in one of these subjects.

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