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University of Pittsburgh    
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
  Sep 27, 2020
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Philosophy - Intensive Track, BA

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Major Requirements

The standard philosophy major track requires at least 24 credits, while the intensive philosophy major track requires a minimum of 36 credits, as detailed below:

  • An acceptable senior paper. The student must sign up either for PHIL 1940 - HONORS THESIS/MAJORS  (3 credits) or PHIL 1940 - HONORS THESIS/MAJORS  and PHIL 1941 - HONORS THESIS 2/MAJORS  (6 credits), with the prior permission of a faculty member who has agreed to supervise the student’s work. Neither PHIL 1940  nor PHIL 1941  counts toward the five 1000-level courses mentioned above.
  • The following rules and requirements apply to all philosophy majors, regardless of the track chosen:
    • Only those philosophy courses completed with a grade of C or better will count for the major.
    • No restrictions are placed on the number of courses taken under the S/NC option (formerly the S/N option).
    • Arrangements for credit by examination in appropriate cases may be made through departmental advisors.
    • There are no departmental second language requirements; however, students who plan to pursue philosophy in graduate school are strongly encouraged to develop at least a good reading competence in one or more second languages of special relevance to philosophy (e.g., Greek, Latin, French, and German).
    • Joint majors are not double majors but multidisciplinary majors offered by two or more departments. Presently, the Department of Philosophy offers a joint major in politics and philosophy with the Department of Political Science (see Politics and Philosophy major information under non-departmental A&S Majors) as well as a joint major in mathematics and philosophy with the Department of Mathematics (see Mathematics-Philosophy).
    • Students who complete the philosophy major (standard or intensive track) or joint major will be graduated with honors in philosophy if they have earned a grade of A- or better in at least six 1000-level philosophy courses exclusive of PHIL 1902 - DIRECTED STUDY—UNDERGRADUATE , PHIL 1903 - DIRCTED RESEARCH—UNDERGRADUT , PHIL 1940 - HONORS THESIS/MAJORS , PHIL 1941 - HONORS THESIS 2/MAJORS , and PHIL 1942 - HONORS THESIS 3/MAJORS .

The intensive major track requires the following courses:

NOTE: the intensive major has no official standing and should be thought of as a recommendation only.

At least five 1000-level courses

Beyond those counted above to include at least one course from each of the four groups:

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