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University of Pittsburgh    
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
  Jul 18, 2024
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

School of Dental Medicine

The University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program provides a comprehensive education in both the basic sciences and clinical dental hygiene over the course of a two-year (six consecutive terms) Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. The University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program differs from other programs by providing a broader range of experiences in specialty clinics within the School of Dental Medicine, as well as clinical rotations at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The major areas of focus are teaching, research, patient treatment, and community service. Dental hygiene services are rendered to a varied patient population, including pediatric, geriatric, physically and mentally challenged, and immunocompromised individuals. In addition to clinical practice, graduates are prepared for careers in areas such as education, research, and dental public health.

Students who complete the Dental Hygiene Program Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene have the option of completing a Bachelor of Science degree offered through the College of General Studies. The degree completion option includes three areas of study focusing on a student’s specific career goals. These areas include dental hygiene education, research, and health management. Graduates can work as licensed dental hygienists while completing their requirements for the bachelor’s degree. Classes are tailored to the student’s interests and can be arranged around work schedules. The program provides a firm foundation for those desiring to pursue graduate studies. (See the College of General Studies  listing for more information on the Bachelor of Science degree completion option.)

Contact Information

University of Pittsburgh
School of Dental Medicine
Director, Dental Hygiene Program
B-82 Salk Hall Pittsburgh, PA 15261-1937

Admission Requirements and Deadlines: Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

(See Dental Hygiene Program listing under the Application for Admission  section at the front of this bulletin for requirements and deadlines.)

Academic Standards: Professional/Ethical Conduct Statement for Students

Students will be evaluated on all aspects of professional behavior and ethical conduct. The evaluation will encompass criteria such as the student’s interpersonal interaction with faculty, supervisors, staff, patients, and peers, as well as how the student completes all clinical and didactic assignments within scheduled deadlines and in keeping with both the quality and standards established by the Dental Hygiene Program, School of Dental Medicine faculty, and the University of Pittsburgh faculty. Additionally, student compliance with all established policies and procedures will be evaluated when considering student promotion and board eligibility.


Each dental hygiene course instructor will clearly state his/her policy regarding grades and evaluation at the beginning of the course. A course syllabus will be distributed to all students at the first class meeting. All required courses are graded according to the University’s letter grade system (see Grading and Records  section of this bulletin). Elective courses beyond the required number may be taken with the permission of the program director. Student advising begins with the faculty responsible for the course. It is the student’s responsibility to seek assistance from the faculty in any course in which the student has a grade lower than a C.

Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program

Students who complete this program also have the option and are encouraged to complete a Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene as offered by the College of General Studies (see College of General Studies  listing for information on BS degree completion option and additional dental hygiene courses which must be taken for the BS).

School of Dental Medicine/Dental Hygiene Program Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Victoria Folino Gallo, Instructor, RDH, MBA, Waynesburg University

Faith Mahan, Instructor, RDH, BS, University of Pittsburgh

Angelina E. Riccelli, Associate Professor; Director, Dental Hygiene Program, RDH, MS, University of Pittsburgh

Jacey Mitchell, Instructor, RDH, MSDH, University of Bridgeport

Part-Time Faculty

Antonia Ambrosino, Instructor, RDH, BS, University of Pittsburgh

Gayle L. Ball, Assistant Professor, RDH, MA, Antioch University

Susan Ban, Clinical Instructor, RDH, BS, University of Pittsburgh

Jeong-Seon Kim, Clinical Instructor, PhD, Washington State University

                                                     RDH, DMD, University of Pittsburgh

Elizabeth Lillios, Clinical Instructor, RDH, BS, University of Pittsburgh

Program and Course Offerings

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