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University of Pittsburgh    
2017-2018 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog 
  Jun 12, 2024
2017-2018 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Geographical Information Systems & Remote Sensing, MS

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Curriculum & Course Information:

General Information: The GIS/RS Professional-M.S. program in the Department of Geology & Planetary Science is a multidisciplinary, multi-departmental, non-research degree. Notionally, designed to be completed in two acardemic years (plus one summer), the program length can be changed to slightly shorter or longer depending on the student’s work limitations. The required courses are centered in the Geology and Planetary Science Department and focus on GIS and RS core proficiencies. Students are also required to take at least one course in the Schools of Business, Law, and Information Sciences. A large degree of flexibility is designed into the 41credit program so that the student can tailor his/her coursework to fit specific future career goals, personal interests, and time constraints of work/family life.

First Semester:

Skill Sets: GIS and Remote Sensing fundamental principles & software use; communication proficiency; exposure to geospatial professionals

Total Credits: 10

Second Semester:

Skill Sets: advanced GIS/RS proficiency; introduction to computer programming

Total Credits: 9

Summer Semester:

Skill Sets: work experience utilizing geospatial analysis tools; compilation of digital dossier; oral/written presentation experience

Total Credits: 4

Third Semester:

Skill Sets: statistical data analysis; methodology of information science; introduction to business administration

Total Credits: 9

Fourth Semester:

Skill Sets: advanced GIS/RS proficiency; awareness of comparative law; personalized elective expertise; data mining & database management

Total Credits: 9


* if not offered, student may substitute a Focused Elective Course this semeseter and take GEOL 2460  in the fourth semester in place of the FOCUSED ELECTIVE #2. See possible options.

** an appropriate equivalent course may be substituted depending on the career goals of the student. See possible options.

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