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University of Pittsburgh    
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
  Jul 25, 2024
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Rehabilitation Science, BS

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The Bachelor of Science Program in Rehabilitation Science (BSRS) offers a dynamic curriculum designed to prepare students for graduate education in occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, medicine, prosthetics and orthotics, rehabilitation counseling and assistive technology, and other health care professions. The program has core curriculum requirements designed with enough flexibility to permit students to pursue a personalized education to achieve their educational goals. Students are encouraged to explore other areas of academic inquiry through elective courses, minors and certificates throughout the University and abroad; to participate in clinical experiences; to involve themselves in undergraduate research; and to develop their leadership skills through participation in student organizations and community service.

Faculty who teach in the BSRS program constitute a strong interdisciplinary group of individuals from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences including representation from the departments of Emergency Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant Studies, and Rehabilitation Science and Technology. In addition, instructors from other Schools of the Health Sciences teach within the program along with community leaders, clinicians and researchers with experience in selected areas.

Contact Information:

Natalie Belin
Program Administrator
Undergraduate Program in Rehabilitation Science
Suite 6065, Forbes Tower

Admission Requirements

Students are eligible for admission to the Rehabilitation Science Program after successful completion of approximately 60 college credits including the following prerequiste courses, other admission criteria and an application.

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (based on 4.0).
  • Prerequisite science and math GPA of 2.5 (based on 4.0).
    • The science and math GPA is calculated using scores from any course taken in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math including higher level classes. Repeated classes are averaged.
  • 60 credits are required to begin the program.
  • Prerequisites must be completed for a letter grade, minimum grade of C- (C for transfer) unless otherwise noted.
  • Applications may be submitted while prerequisite coursework is in progress.

Meeting the minimum admission criteria does not guarentee admission.

General Education Requirements/Prerequisites

Requirements for students entering the University of Pittsburgh in Fall 2021 as first-year students, and students currently enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh and external transfer students entering the upper-division programs offered at SHRS in Fall 2023:

  • General Biology (BIOSC 0150  or BIOSC 0715 ) and Lab (BIOSC 0050  or BIOSC 0057  or BIOSC 0058 ) - 4 Credits
  • General Chemistry and Lab (CHEM 0110  or CHEM 0710 ) - 4 Credits
  • Physics 1 (PHYS 0110  or PHYS 0174  or PHYS 0475 ) -  3-4 Credits
  • Mathematics (MATH 0031  or higher) - 3 Credits. Students exempt from Algebra requirement with a 620 or above Math SAT or a 27 or above Math ACT
    Students exempt from algebra requirement with a 620 or above Math SAT or a 27 and above Math ACT
  • Statistics (STAT 0200 , STAT 1000 , or higher) - 3-4 Credits
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 0010 ) - 3 Credits
  • Human Development - 3 Credits. REHSCI 1245   preffered; PSY 0310   accepted
  • English Composition (Minimum ENGCMP 0200  or equivalent) - 3 Credits 
  • Intensive Writing (W) - 3 Credits. Choose one course with Course Attribute “High Impact Practices” and Course Attribute Value “Writing Intense Course.” ENGCMP 0440   recommended or ENGCMP 0540  
  • Oral Communication - 3 Credits. COMMRC 0520  ; COMMRC 0500  , COMMRC 0510  , COMMRC 0530   accepted
  • Diversity course - 3 Credits. Choose one course with Course Attribute “DSAS General Education Requirement” and Course Attribute Value “Diversity.”
  • Humanities course - 3 Credits. Choose one course with Course Attribute “DSAS General Education Requirement” and Course Attribute Value “Literature” or “Creative Work” or “Philosophical Thinking or Ethics” or “The Arts.” Consider a course in bioethics or one with a disability or health/medicine focus.
  • Social Science course - 3 Credits. Choose one course with Course Attribute “DSAS General Education Requirement” and Course Attribute Value “Social Science.” Consider a course with a disabilty or health/ medicine focus.
  • Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding - 3 Credits. Choose one course with Course Attribute “DSAS General Education Requirement” and Course Attribute Value “Cross-Cultural Awareness” or “Geographic Region” or “Global Issues.” ANTH 0780  Cultural Anthropology recommended. 

Total Required Prerequisite Credits: 43-46

Students planning to apply to graduate programs in health sciences are encouraged to complete most of the prerequisite courses for those programs (e.g., Physics 2, Biology 2, Chemistry 2, etc.) prior to admission to the Undergraduate Rehabilitation Science Program. Anatomy and Physiology (prerequisites for many professional health science programs) are included in the Rehabilitation Science curriculum.

Application Procedures

Please visit the SHRS website to access information about applying to the program.

Required for admission:

Please note that admission to the Rehabilitation Science program is competitive. Meeting the minimum admission criteria does not guarentee admission.

Transfer Student Information:

Transfer students must apply to the University of Pittsburgh by completing the Office of Admission and Financial Aid’s Transfer Application and selecting Rehabilitation Science as their intended field of study. International transfer students click here.

Rehabilitation Science Curriculum

While enrolled in the Rehabilitation Science program, students must complete the core courses, at least one course from each of the core areas and a minimum of 30 credits from SHRS, inclusive of course requirements. Students must complete 120 cumulative credits to graduate with the BS in Rehabilitation Science degree.

  • The 30 required SHRS credits include courses from the following departments: ATHLTR, CSD, EM, HIM, HRS, NUTR, and REHSCI.
Online Course Policy:

Once a student has matriculated into the BSRS Program, up to 6 online credits will be accepted from either the University of Pittsburgh or another four-year institution. An additional one credit may be accepted for an online medical terminology course. No online courses will be accepted from a two-year institution, other than medical terminology.

Students are expected to review their plan of study with the BSRS Academic Advisor before registering for any online course. 

Additional online credits may be accepted if taken prior to matriculation into the BSRS Program.

Policy on Taking Courses at Another Institution: 

Current BSRS students in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of at least 2.00), including students admitted to BSRS who need to complete prerequisites prior to starting their program, may attend another accredited institution to complete their prerequisites, provided they receive prior approval from the Academic Advisor and SHRS Dean’s office. Students who have completed 60 or more credits may not take program-required courses or electives at two-year institutions. However, up to six credits of graduate school prerequisites may be taken at a two-year institution and be applied to the BSRS degree.

Students seeking to take and transfer credits from another institution are required to fill out the SHRS form, Request to Take Courses at Another College or University and submit it along with appropriate course descriptions to their academic advisor. Students will not receive credit for courses taken without advance approval. BSRS students may not enroll in courses outside the University of Pittsburgh in the semester in which they are graduating.

Core Areas

Human Physiology (4 credits):

Students must complete one of the following:


Total Core Requirements

Total Core Requirement Credits: 31-32

Example Plan of Study

This plan of study example includes both required and elective courses offered in the Undergraduate Program in Rehabilitation Science. Students are encouraged to design their own plan of study based on their career, academic and personal interests. 

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