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University of Pittsburgh    
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
  Jul 21, 2024
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Computer Science, BS

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Note: The requirements outlined in this section represent minimum degree satisfaction. Please consult the School of Computing and Information’s Student Resources site for detailed policies, procedures, forms, and advising resources.

The new requirements are in effect for students admitted in Fall 2023 or later. Students who entered the program earlier than Fall 2023 will be permitted to opt to use the new requirements by making a formal request to the Department.

The department-level rules set forth in the following document apply to students who declared their CS major during or after the 2023-24 Academic Year.

Eligibility for Major

To be considered for admission to the CS undergraduate program, students must complete the following CS core courses with a grade of C or better in each course:

Grade Policies for CS Majors

Satisfactory/No-Credit (S/NC) Grade Options

Students should check with their academic advisors before deciding to take a course S/NC (formerly the S/N option). Beyond the School’s Regulations for students enrolling in courses with the S/NC grade option, the Department of Computer Science imposes the following rules:

  • All computer science courses for the major (core and upper-level courses) must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Required mathematics courses may be taken with the S/NC option.

Before deciding on the grading system for a course, students should be sure that their decision will not adversely affect their plans for a major. They must discuss this decision with their advisor PRIOR to enrolling and selecting the S/NC grade option.

Individual Course Grades

All computer science courses for the major (core and upper-level courses) must be completed with a C grade or better to count for the CS major. ANY course taken to satisfy a major requirement, including MATH courses required by the major, for which only a C- grade or lower is received, must be repeated. If a grade of C- or lower is earned in a prerequisite course, the course must be repeated before the higher-level course may be taken.

Departmental Honors

Students may graduate with honors if they have also:

  • Completed an additional upper-level elective CS course
  • Have a CS GPA of at least 3.5
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 3.25

Major Requirements

The computer science major requires a total of 54 credits distributed across computer science courses, mathematics co-requisite courses, and a capstone experience. Details provided below.

Core Courses

Students must satisfactorily complete the following eight core courses:

Upper-Level Elective Courses

In addition, students must complete 18 credits or six courses of upper-level electives (numbered 1500 or higher).
Internships, directed studies, capstone courses and co-op courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement (see Capstone Experience section for details).

Required Mathematics Courses

A minimum of seven credits in mathematics must be completed as follows:

Capstone Experience

All Computer Science majors must complete a capstone experience prior to graduation. This experience may be satisfied in several ways including:

  • Completion of an approved 3-credit academic internship
  • Completion of an approved 3-credit directed research project
  • Completion of a capstone designated course
  • Completion of at least 2 rotations of an approved co-op

Sample Plan of Study

Below is a sample plan for students in the Computer Science Major in the School of Computing and Information. Note that there are many paths through the Computer Science major and any student’s path may differ from the one shown. Generally, our advisors will help each student to customize their career plan.

Prior to admission, this plan assumes that a student has:

  • Completed an introductory programming course
  • Satisfied the ENGCMP 0200 enrollment requirement with an SAT score equivalent to “Workshop in Composition (ENGCMP 0150)”
  • A sufficient mathematics background to satisfy the enrollment requirement for MATH 0220 through either an SAT score or ALEKS placement results.





CMPINF 0401  (4 cr)

MATH 0220  (4 cr)

CMPINF 0001  (1 cr)

CMPINF 0010  (4 cr)

ENGCMP 0200  (3 cr)

TOTAL: 16 credits

CS 0445  (3 cr)

MATH 0280  (3 cr)

CS 0441  (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

TOTAL: 15 credits


CS 1503  (4 cr)

CS 0447  (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

TOTAL: 16 credits

CS 0449  (3 cr)

CS 1501  (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

TOTAL: 15 credits


CS 1502  (3 cr)

CS UL 1 (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

TOTAL: 15 credits

CS UL 2 (3 cr)

CS UL 3 (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

TOTAL: 15 credits


CS UL 4 (3 cr)

CS UL 5 (3 cr)

Capstone (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

TOTAL: 15 credits

CS UL 6 (3 cr)

CS UL 7 or Elective (3 cr)

GER (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

Elective (3 cr)

TOTAL: 15 credits

Note 1: GER = General Education Requirement, UL = Upper-level

Note 2: Electives may be used for the SCI requirement of a secondary field of study (ex: minor, certificate, etc.).

Note 3: One course must satisfy the Diversity Requirement.

Note 4: CS UL 7 may be used for CS Department Honors.

Total Major Credits: 54

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