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University of Pittsburgh    
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
  Jun 12, 2024
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

First-Year Student Engineering Program


All engineering first-year students pursue a common academic program, selecting a major upon completion. The first-year student curriculum includes two, specially designed, engineering-oriented courses (ENGR 0011 Introduction to Engineering Analysis  and Engineering 0012 Introduction to Engineering Computing ) and two, integrated, concurrent Engineering Composition courses. These courses provide first-year students with an overview of the various areas of engineering, introduce certain engineering skills and tools, and acquaint students with the engineering problem solving process. First-year students also participate in an engineering seminar, facilitated by the students’ Academic Advisors and a team of Engineering Peer Leaders. These seminars provide general information on the transition to college and the improvement of study skills and provide an overview of the various engineering fields so that first year students can make an informed choice of majors at the end of the first year. Students are also given opportunities to visit the various Engineering major departments in order to talk to the faculty and learn about the specific academic requirements. All engineering first-year students participate in the First-Year Student Engineering Conference during the Spring Term. For more information on the First-Year Student Engineering Program, visit

The first year student curriculum is detailed below:

Honors Courses for Engineering First Year Students

Outstanding first-year engineering students are eligible to participate in the David C. Frederick Honors College. Entering first-year students admitted to the David C. Frederick Honors College or given permission from an Academic Advisor may be eligible for honors courses. Students participating in the David C. Frederick Honors College may take honors courses that substitute for regular required course offerings in their first two terms. For more information on the David C. Frederick Honors College, visit

Honors courses offered include:

Credits: 18

*Students who receive a C or higher in MATH 0235  will be awarded advanced standing credit for MATH 0220 .

**ENGR 0711 and ENGCMP 0210 are integrated courses that must be taken concurrently. 

Credits: 17

*Students who earn a C or higher in MATH 0235  for the first term may take MATH 0240  the second term and will be awarded advanced standing credit for MATH 0220 .

**Students who opt to take Engr 0711 (Honors Engineering Analysis and Engineering Computing)  in the fall term of their first year year have the opportunity to take a unique Honors course in the second term, one of which is ENGR 0716 Art of Hands-On System Design and Engineering . This course is only open to students who successfully complete ENGR 0711  with a grade of C or better. In this course, students will explore tools and techniques for inventing, designing and prototyping systems. Students will gain an introduction to ‘smart systems’; i.e.,automated systems that can sense the world and automatically respond in useful ways.

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