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University of Pittsburgh    
2021-2022 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog 
  Jul 22, 2024
2021-2022 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), EdD

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EdD Curriculum

The EdD program is a three-year 90-credit program, including 30 credits transferred from relevant graduate work. Students are required to transfer 30 credits of graduate work into the EdD program. 

The EdD curriculum is delivered in several stages, through a variety methods:

  • Orientation: The EdD cohort participates in a full-day, on campus, orientation in the spring before the summer start of the program.  The day includes a welcome from the Dean of the School of Education, EdD program information, and cohort-building activities as well as an introductory session with other students in your Area of Concentration.  Orientation typically takes place in April.
  • One-week intensive on ramp: The EdD cohort will participate in a full-week, on campus, experience that includes intense work focused on understanding enduring problems of practice in education, health, and human development. This one-week experience, known as the “on-ramp”, will be your first foundations course on framing, identifying, and investigating problems of practice.  The on-ramp typically takes place in June.
  • Hybrid seminars: You will experience a hybrid model of education through online course experiences and in-person, once per month (typically on Saturdays) sessions on the Pittsburgh campus.  Attendance at in-person, on campus sessions is required.



Year 1: Summer Year 1: Fall Year 1: Spring Year 1: Summer

EDUC 3002 Foundation 1: Becoming a Leader Scholar Practitioner (3 credits)

EDUC 3001 Practitioner Inquiry 1
(3 credits)

EDUC 3003 Foundation 2: Leadership in Groups and Organizations (3 credits

ARCO: Course 1
(3 credits)

EDUC 3004 Foundation 3: Education Contexts (3 credits)

ARCO: Course 2
(3 credits)

EDUC 3005 Foundation 4: Investigating Policy as a Lever for Change (3 credits)

Practitioner Inquiry 2
(3 credits)

Year 2: Fall Year 2: Spring Year 2: Summer

EDUC 3009 Supervised Practitioner Inquiry (3 credits)

ARCO: Course 3 (3 credits)

EDUC 3007 Practitioner Inquiry 3 (3 credits)

ARCO: Course 4 (3 credits)

EDUC 3008 Practitioner Inquiry 4 (3 credits)

EDUC 3012 Laboratory of Practice (3 credits)

Year 3: Fall Year 3: Spring Year 3: Summer

EDUC 3099 Guidance in Scholarly Practice
(6 credits)

EDUC 3099 Guidance in Scholarly Practice
(6 credits)

EDUC 3099 Guidance in Scholarly Practice
(6 credits)



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