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University of Pittsburgh    
2018-2019 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog 
  Dec 07, 2023
2018-2019 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Computer Engineering, PhD

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The PhD degree in computer engineering requires at least 72 credits. These credits must include the following categories:

Four core courses required (12 credits minimum). Each student must complete at least one course chosen from each of the following three areas, and one additional course from any one of these areas.

Computer Architecture

Software Systems

Hardware Systems

  • EE 2160 - Embedded Systems
  • EE 2192 - Introduction to VLSI Design
  • EE 2120 - Hardware Design Methodologies

Additional Requirements

Nine courses (27 credits minimum) must be chosen from the list of CoE graduate courses, or from pre-approved CS or EE courses not cross-listed as CoE courses.

  1. Seven courses (21 credits minimum) are elective and may be CS, EE, or CoE courses, courses from other disciplines, or research project courses (2998).
  2. The specific program of study should be approved in advance by the Student’s Research Committee (described below).
  3. Dissertation (12-18 credits)

Examinations: Each student must pass the following examinations:

Preliminary Examination

This is an oral examination conducted by the Student’s Research Committee. The Master of Science Thesis Oral Examination will satisfy the Preliminary Examination requirements.

Comprehensive Examination

To complete the comprehensive examination, a student must satisfy both the following requirements not later than two years after entering the program:

  • Complete a total of five courses with a grade of A- or better. These courses must be taken from either the Core Requirements listed above or the CoE Elective categories and
  • Complete the four courses that satisfy the Core Requirements category above with a grade of B or better.

The particular of mix of five courses in part 1 can be any combination of core or elective courses. However, any core course requirement that is not included in the five must be completed with a B or better in order to satisfy part 2.

Dissertation Proposal

Within five years, students must present their plan for dissertation research to be approved by the Student’s Research Committee. This is after the student has completed all other PhD requirements.

Dissertation Defense

Student must orally defend their dissertation research to be approved by the Student’s Research Committee, the time between the dissertation proposal and the defense has to be at least eight months.

Composition and Role of the Student’s Research Committee

The Student’s Research Committee will consist of a primary advisor and at least three graduate faculty members from the Computer Engineering Graduate Faculty.

The Student’s Research Committee has two responsibilities: the approval of the program of study and the oversight of the dissertation research. At least one member of the committee must be from a department other than the advisor or co-advisors if the co-advisors are from the same department. One additional member must be a member of the graduate faculty who is not a member of the CoE Graduate Faculty.

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