WORKSHOP IN OPENSIM   [Archived Catalog]
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog


Minimum Credits: 1
Maximum Credits: 1
Computational models and simulations are tremendously useful tools for understanding human movement control. It is not always straightforward to identify cause-and-effect relationships through experiments alone and computational modeling and simulation techniques can complement experimental approaches, e.g. models can provide estimates of important variables such as muscle forces that are difficult to measure experimentally. Opensim is an open-source software package that enables users to build, exchange, and analyze computer models of the musculoskeletal system and dynamic simulations of movement (Delp et al., 2007). The purpose of this course is to introduce students to opensim by demonstrating the utility of graphics-based modeling and simulation. Specifically, students will learn how to use opensim tools, through both the graphical user interface (GUI) and application programming interface (API) that uses MatLAB scripting, to analyze and simulate models and motions.
Academic Career: Undergraduate
Course Component: Seminar
Grade Component: H/S/U Basis
Course Requirements: PLAN: Bioengineering

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