DNA REPAIR JOURNAL   [Archived Catalog]
2023-2024 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog


Minimum Credits: 1
Maximum Credits: 1
The course is a journal club on current topics in DNA repair as it relates to human disease, DNA damage processing, genome stability, telomere biology, cancer and aging. Primarily designed for students in the second year of their graduate program and beyond. Presentations will be held twice per month during the fall and spring semester. In order to receive credit for the course, students must attend a minimum of 80% of the sessions, present once per semester, participate in class discussion and complete anonymous peer-evaluations for each presenter. One week prior to presentation, presenters will identify a recent publication in the field and distribute it to their classmates. Presenters must define the hypothesis of the paper, provide background and significance, describe experimental methods used, interpret the data, conclude whether the data support the authors' conclusions and propose future experiments. Grades will be determined by attendance (10%), class participation (20%) and quality of presentation (70%).
Academic Career: Graduate
Course Component: Seminar
Grade Component: Grad HSU Basis

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