2020-2021 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog


Minimum Credits: 2
Maximum Credits: 2
As first- and second-year students, the Global Assessment (GA) program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine (SDM) helps provide guidance and learning opportunities for predoctoral students to grow and develop the knowledge, skills and values related to professional and ethical decision-making. The GA program utilizes a two-pronged approach: 1) The Qualities of a General Dentist (QGD) course series tracks the students ability to meet the professional and ethical expectations of developing health professionals as they progress through all terms of the four-year curriculum. 2) The Ongoing Performance Evaluation (OPE) course series tracks third- and fourth-year students ability to meet the expected clinical quality care standards, in addition to monitoring their clinical productivity as they provide services to their assigned patients outside rotations. The primary goal of the Ongoing Performance Evaluation (OPE) course series is to follow and assess student clinical progression each term in the third and fourth years of the predoctoral program. The foundation of this course recognizes that the primary goal of the predoctoral dental program is to provide a teaching and learning platform that allows the student to gain the knowledge, skills and values to competently perform as an entry-level general dentist. In doing so, the student is expected to gain clinical experience and advance through the clinical curriculum as s/he provides dental services to SDM patients. It is an expectation of the school that each student will work beyond minimal requirements and subsequent departmental competenciescontinuing to gain experience and knowledge each semester until graduation, thereby allowing his/her skills to improve.
Academic Career: Dental Medicine
Course Component: Clinical
Grade Component: Grad Letter Grade

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