CHIEFDOMS   [Archived Catalog]
2020-2021 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog


Minimum Credits: 3
Maximum Credits: 3
Chiefdoms are defined more by what they are not than by what they are: societies whose hierarchical organization makes them non-egalitarian, but that lack the bureaucratic institutions of the state. Seen as stepping stones in the evolution of states or as part of another evolutionary trajectory entirely, chiefdoms are the subject of debate, including just in what sense, or even whether, the word "chiefdom" has any utility. This seminar discusses how chiefdoms can be investigated and understood archeologically, using materials from all the Americas, Polynesia, Europe, and other areas.
Academic Career: Graduate
Course Component: Lecture
Grade Component: Grad LG/SNC Basis
Course Attributes: Asian Studies, Global Studies, Latin American Studies

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