2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog


Minimum Credits: 3
Maximum Credits: 3
It does not matter it's what you do with it! Business in the 21st century runs on it. However, competitive advantage seldom comes from having exclusive or proprietary access to a technology. Rather, it comes from more effectively utilizing technologies to which everyone - including the competition - has access. The implications of this reality are many. First, it is necessary to understand what technologies are available in the marketplace and their capabilities. Next, and far more challenging, it is necessary to understand how these capabilities may positively (or negatively) interact with business strategy. Business transformation is the alignment of process, people, and technology such that it can both support and innovate business strategies. Given that technologies evolve and develop at a rapid pace, it is necessary for managers to understand what technologies can do (both established and new) and how it can be leveraged to create real value.
Academic Career: Undergraduate
Course Component: Lecture
Grade Component: Letter Grade
Course Requirements: PLAN: Accounting(BSB),Finance(BSB),General Management(BSB),Global Management(BSBA),Marketing(BSB), Business Information Systems(BSB), Human Resources Management,Human Resources Management(BSB),Supply Chain Management(BSB) and undeclared CBA Majors

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