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University of Pittsburgh    
2017-2018 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog 
  Jun 23, 2024
2017-2018 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Katz Graduate School of Business Faculty

Last Name First Name Degree Conferring Institution Status
Aflaki Arian PhD Duke University Full-Time
Aljafari Ruba PhD University of Arkansas Full-Time
Alvarez Sharon PhD University of Colorado Full-Time
Assad Arjang PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology Full-Time
Atkin Robert PhD University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Bannerjee Haimanti PhD University of Iowa Full-Time
Bartholomew Heidi MTax University of Akron Full-Time
Bhattacharya CB PhD Univeristy of Pennsylvania Full-time
Boyas Elise PhD  Rutgers University Full-Time
Cade Nicole PhD University of Washington Full-Time
Camillus John C. DBA  Harvard University  Full-Time
Carlin Jocelyn MS  Duquesne University  Full-Time
Chatterjee Rabikar PhD  University of Pennsylvania Full-Time
Choi Willie PhD  Emory University Full-Time
Cohen Susan PhD  University of Minnesota Full-Time
Coleman Nicole  PhD  University of Pennsylvania Full-Time
Craft James PhD  University of California,  Berkeley Full-Time
Denis David PhD  University of Michigan Full-Time
Denis Diane PhD  University of Michigan Full-Time
Evans  J. Harry PhD  Carnegie Mellon University Full-Time
Feick Lawrence  PhD  Pennsylvania State University Full-Time
Feng Mei PhD  University of Michigan Full-Time
Florkowski Gary  PhD  Syracuse University Full-Time
Franklin Richard MS  University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Galletta Dennis  PhD  University of Minnesota  Full-Time
Gal-Or Esther PhD  Northwestern University Full-Time
Geylani Tansev PhD  Carnegie Mellon University Full-Time
Gilbert Robert PhD  University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Gleason Kimberly PhD  Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Full-Time
Good Deborah PhD  University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Gunn Joshua PhD  University of Missouri Full-Time
Harper Paul PhD  University of Virginia Full-Time
Hegde Gajanan PhD  University of Rochester Full-Time
Hoffman Vicky PhD  University of Michigan Full-Time
Hogan Brian PhD  Case Western University Full-Time
Hydari Zia PhD  Carnegie Mellon University Full-Time
Inman J. Jeffrey PhD  University of Texas,  Austin Full-Time
Jones Ray PhD  University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Kafka Folke PhD  University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Kemerer Chris PhD  Carnegie Mellon University  Full-Time
Kimpel James DSc  Robert Morris University Full-Time
Kirsch Laurie PhD  University of Minnesota Full-Time
Klein Paul JD Duquesne University Full-Time
Koch Andrew PhD  University of Texas at Austin Full-Time
Lamberton Cait PhD  University of South Carolina Full-Time
Leana Carrie PhD  University of Houston Full-Time
Lebel R. David PhD  University of Pennsylvania Full-Time
Lehn Kenneth  PhD  Washington University Full-Time
Li Chan PhD  University of Kansas  Full-Time
Lin Leming PhD  University of Florida Full-Time
Liu Peggy PhD Duke University Full-Time
Madhavan Ravi PhD  University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Magnuson Ronald MBA  Mount St. Mary’s College Full-Time
Maryott Kiersten PhD  Duke University Full-Time
May Jerrold  PhD  Yale University Full-Time
Mirchandani Prakash PhD  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Full-Time
Mitnick Barry  PhD  University of Pennsylvania Full-Time
Moeller Sara PhD  Ohio State University Full-Time
Moser Donald  PhD  University of Wisconsin- Madison Full-Time
Murrell Audrey  PhD  University of Delaware Full-Time
Nair Nisha PhD  IIM Ahmadabad Full-Time
Olson Josephine  PhD  Brown University Full-Time
Paljug Eric PhD  University of Pennsylvania Full-Time
Panayides Marios PhD  Yale University Full-Time
Patton G. Richard PhD  Purdue University Full-Time
Pavone Anna MBA University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Pil Frits PhD  University of Pennsylvania  Full-Time
Prescott John  PhD  Pennsylvania State University Full-Time
Presslee Adam PhD  University of Waterloo Full-Time
Ramasubbu Narayn PhD  University of Michigan Full-Time
Reid Lauren PhD  University of Tennessee Full-Time
Rodi Anthony PhD  Robert Morris University Full-Time
Saaty Thomas PhD  Yale University Full-Time
Sayrak Akin PhD  University of Texas at Austin Full-Time
Schlingemann Frederik PhD  Ohio State University Full-Time
Shang Jennifer PhD  University of Texas at Austin Full-Time
Shastri Karen PhD  University of Pittsburgh Full-Time
Srinivasan Dhinu PhD  University of Minnesota Full-Time
Sukits Jay MBA  Harvard University  Full-Time
Swaminathan Vanitha PhD  University of Georgia Full-Time
Tadikamalla Pandu PhD  University of Iowa Full-Time
Teeter Ryan PhD  Rutgers University Full-Time
Thomas Shawn PhD  University of Florida Full-Time
Tsarsis Gary MBA  University of Miami Full-Time
Valdes Leon PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology Full-Time
Vargas Luis  PhD  University of Pennsylvania Full-Time
Venkatesh R. PhD  University of Texas at Austin Full-Time
Washburn Andrew MBA  Harvard University Full-Time
Wendell Richard  PhD  Northwestern University Full-Time
Whang Yun-Oh PhD  University of Southern California Full-Time
Wu Eugenia PhD  Duke University  Full-Time
Wu Yue PhD INSEAD Full-Time
Young-Hyman Trevor PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison Full-Time
Zoffer H.J. PhD  University of Pittsburgh    Full-Time
Zutter Chad PhD  Indiana University Full-Time

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