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University of Pittsburgh    
2016-2017 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog 
  Jul 18, 2024
2016-2017 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Academic Programs

Students who are interested in or accepted to any of the University of Pittsburgh’s graduate or professional programs listed below other than those leading to the first-professional degrees offered by the University (MD, JD, LLM, PharmD, or DMD) will find useful most of the sections of this bulletin. Students interested in first-professional programs (MD, JD, LLM, PharmD, or DMD) can ignore much of the bulletin prior to the First-Professional Programs section, but should familiarize themselves with the general information about the University as well as the section on University-wide policies detailed in Rights and Responsibilities. The Schools of Medicine, Law, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy appear in the Graduate Programs section for programs leading to the graduate and professional advanced degrees as well as in the First-Professional Programs section since these schools offer both types of programs. Faculty are listed by their department or program at the end of the school.

Students should note that the listings of requirements and procedures for admissions, registration, and other information listed in the sections prior to the more program-specific information provided in the Schools, Departments, and Programs section of this bulletin represent the minimum requirements and basic procedures. Students should consult the information on their specific school, program, and department for detail on additional, stricter, or more specific requirements and procedures.

Degree- and Certificate-Granting Programs

The University of Pittsburgh offers numerous graduate degrees, first-professional degrees, and certificates in its graduate and professional schools. These degree and certificate programs are listed below.







Joint Degree


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