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University of Pittsburgh    
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
  Jun 12, 2024
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Honors OCC

Build a diverse Honors experience, from scholarly to social 

The Honors Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) is a points-based program to help you broaden your experience at Pitt Honors. 

Because Honors programs let you guide your own path, think of the OCC as a roadmap to help you shape it. You’ll get points not only for your achievements, but also when you try new things, engage with the community, and apply yourself. 

It’s also incredibly flexible. There are 10 competencies, each with a breadth options to choose from - or you can even suggest your own. 


Completing the Honors OCC is required for both the Honors joint degree  and Honors disctinction .

To complete the Honors OCC, you must:

  • Earn 1,200 total points: at least 100 points in each of the 10 competencies, plus an additional 200 in the category of your choice. (Point values vary.)
  • Remain active in the OCC every academic year to stay in good standing for your program. 

To stay on track for graduation, you should hit a progress milestone in the app each academic year. The Honors OCC takes about 5-8 semesters to complete, so you should get started as soon as you’re admitted to an Honors program. Once you’ve met the graduation requirements, you can (and should!) still continue to earn points for the leaderboards. 

You can browse all the eligible activities, verify your points, and track your progress through the Pitt OCC Suitable app (the same app you use for the general Pitt OCC.)   

10 competencies


Sharpen your communication by preparing scholarship application essays, presenting your research at conferences, engaging in interdisciplinary Honors fellowship communities, and more. 

Career preparation

Prepare for your future by applying for research programs in your field, engaging in internships, attending networking events, and more. 

Art appreciation

Learn to view the world through a more creative lens when you visit museums and Pittsburgh arts events, conduct your own creative research, contribute to Pitt Honors publications, showcase your own creative works, and more. 

Global and cultural awareness

Gain a global perspective by pursuing study abroad, attending multicultural events, and more. 

Initiative & drive

Take the reins on your academic experience by exploring and striving toward new opportunities. 


Track your growth as a leader when you take on training, roles, and responsibilities. Gain points for activities like attending seminars, being elected as a student representative, serving as an officer in a campus organization, becoming an Honors RA, and more. 

Sense of self

Gain a better awareness of your own personal skills, abilities, values, and beliefs by meeting with Honors mentors and joining programs that foster your self-awareness. 

Service to others

Use your talents to impact the world! Volunteer, serve as a mentor, conduct community-based research, join service leadership programs, comple public service internships, and more. 


Balance your emotional, mental, physical, and financial health with a variety of events and programs, from stress-relief workshops to financial coaching sessions. 

Honors pride

Strengthen your committment to the Honors community’s values by joining us for social events, supporting our newer students, serving as an Honors ambassador, and more. 

You will gain access to the Honors OCC in the Suitable app once you’re admitted to either the Honors joint degree  or Honors disctinction  program.

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