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University of Pittsburgh    
2020-2021 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog 
  Jun 03, 2023
2020-2021 Graduate & Professional Studies Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Graduate Student Researcher Position

Graduate student researcher (GSR) positions are awarded by members of the epidemiology faculty to selected doctoral program applicants who have been accepted by Pitt Public Health or current doctoral students desiring funding support. Applications for these positions may be submitted online and are available to all faculty for review. Responsibilities may encompass work related to students’ individual dissertation preparation or may be based upon other projects. All positions provide students with invaluable opportunities to collaborate with faculty and colleagues, and acquire transferrable skills.   

Candidates are identified by faculty based upon individual academic background and experience sought, and in some cases, comparable research interests. Those selected for interviews are contacted directly by faculty via phone or email. Most positions are awarded by the end of April prior to the beginning of fall term, although intermittent offers are extended during the summer months. Accepted doctoral program applicants who plan to matriculate in spring term may also apply for these positions.

The GSR program is competitive because of the great demand for positions. With this in mind, it is not possible for the Department of Epidemiology to offer positions to all who apply, and those not receiving this support should be prepared to provide their own sources of funding.

Program Description
Graduate student researchers in the Department of Epidemiology are doctoral degree candidates who are receiving financial support from research funds secured by faculty in return for duties performed to meet the goals for which the funds were awarded. Candidates interested in obtaining funding must apply for these positions.

Only accepted doctoral program (PhD) applicants or continuing doctoral students may be considered for GSR positions in the Department of Epidemiology. Master’s program (MPH or MS) applicants and continuing master’s degree students are not considered for these appointments. The department will review accepted doctoral program applicants for funding eligibility. However, due to the strong interest in funding and our available financial resources, not all applicants are offered funded positions.  Applicants accepting their admission offers and matriculating may receive funding in the future, although this cannot be guaranteed.  Those not receiving GSRs when they begin their programs of studies should be prepared to provide their own sources of financial support for the entire length of time required to complete their degrees.

Application submission
Continuing Pitt Public Health students accepted to an epidemiology PhD program who wish to be considered for funding should contact the Student Services Manager and Program Administrator Lori Smith about how to proceed.

Effort and course registration requirements
GSRs are expected to devote twenty (20) hours per week to the research project from which they receive remuneration. GSRs must maintain a full-time credit load during fall and spring terms (9-15 credits) and must register for at least 3 credits or Full-Time Dissertation Research (FTDR 3999) if they qualify for it in summer term.

GSR appointments range from one to two terms at a time (fall, spring). Summer term appointments are awarded individually. Appointment renewals are subject to satisfactory job performance and availability of funding support.

The monthly stipend payment for a GSR is currently $2,007.50.

Tuition Scholarships
GSRs will receive full tuition scholarships to cover up to 15 credits. Tuition scholarships will be renewed each period subject to satisfactory academic performance and continuing funding availability.

Health Insurance
GSRs will be provided individual coverage under the UPMC Health Plan for graduate students. Family coverage is available at an additional cost to the student.

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